Getting Started

You must have a working MailScanner set-up and have running copies of:

  • MySQL (5.7 is recommended for full UTF-8 support, and MariaDB 10.1-10.5 is reported working well too)
  • Apache / Nginx / Caddy
  • PHP 5.4 or better (with MySQL and GD support), using last stable and supported version is highly suggested

And for MailScanner CustomConfig modules to be able to use a work, you need:

  • Perl
  • DBI
  • DBD::mysql (full UTF-8 support exists from version 4.032, but installing 4.042 is highly suggested)
  • Encoding::FixLatin
  • Digest::SHA

Please read through the installation/upgrading instructions in their entirety before proceeding.

Upgrading DBD::mysql

Linux distributions don’t always ship updated DBD::mysql version: for example Debian 8 ships version 4.028, which can’t manage UTF-8 very well.

MailWatch works well with DBD::mysql version 4.042 or greater, which supports utf8mb4 charset used by MySQL; to verify your installed DBD::mysql version use the following command

$ perl -MDBD::mysql -e 'print $DBD::mysql::VERSION'

You can update installed DBD::mysql package using cpan, which require also development files for mysql client:

$ apt-get install libmysqlclient-dev
$ cpan -i DBD::mysql

Verify that your installed DBD::mysql version is at least 4.032, but 4.042 or greater is highly suggested

$ perl -MDBD::mysql -e 'print $DBD::mysql::VERSION'

Installing Encoding::FixLatin

Encoding::FixLatin can be installed with this simple command:

$ cpan -i Encoding::FixLatin

Installing Digest::SHA

Digest::SHA1 can be installed with this command:

$ cpan -i Digest::SHA