MailWatch for MailScanner is a web-based front-end to MailScanner written in PHP and MySQL and is available for free under the terms of the GNU Public License.

It comes with a CustomConfig module for MailScanner which causes MailScanner to log all message data (excluding body text) to a MySQL database which is then queried by MailWatch for reporting and statistics.


  • Displays the inbound/outbound mail queue size (currently for Sendmail/Postfix/Exim users only), Load Average and Today‚Äôs Totals for Messages, Spam, Viruses and Blocked Content on each page header.
  • Colour-coded display of recently processed mail.
  • Drill-down onto each message to see detailed information.
  • Quarantine management allows you to release, delete or run sa-learn across any quarantined messages.
  • Reports with customisable filters and graphs by JpGraph
  • Tools to view Virus Scanner status, MySQL database status and to view the MailScanner configuration files.
  • Utilities for Postfix and Sendmail to monitor and display the mail queue sizes and to record and display message relay information.
  • Multiple user levels: user, domain and admin that limit the data and features available to each.
  • XML-RPC support that allows multiple MailScanner/MailWatch installations to act as one.


You can find the latest version on GitHub


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