Per Domain/Per User Filtering

MailWatch for MailScanner 1.0 has implemented new filtering capabilities to be able to support per-domain filtering or per-user filtering more effectively than previously.

To utilise this new functionality - all you need to do is create MailWatch users named by either their domain or their e-mail address and set their user type accordingly.

For example:

  • If you create a user named as user type User and I log-in as that user, I will only be able to see e-mail address to/from me and to be able to add Blacklist/Whitelist entries for my address (if enabled).
  • If I create a user named as type Domain Administrator and I log-in as that user, I will only be able to see messages to/from my domain or create blacklist/whitelist entries for the entire domain or for a specific user.
  • The Administrator type can do anything for any user or domain.
  • If you need to have ‘aliases’ for your users - e.g. ‘’ also has an e-mail alias ‘’, then no problem - use the ‘Filters’ screen to add ‘’ and the ‘’ user will be able to see both.